How nice to bask in the sun! But sometimes, you get tired of passively lying and sunbathing, and then beach sports come to the rescue. It is also a great way not just to get a tan, but to get your body in good shape. Let's see where to start the perfect vacation in Baku if you imagine the beach as a large outdoor gym. It should start by booking rooms at the Bilgah Beach hotel in Baku. Fitness on the beach or walking in the fresh air is the most comfortable and most reliable amateur sport. All you need for classes is a beach and a great mood. Early in the morning, you can walk or run at a leisurely pace along the shore of the 300-meter private beach. After that, you will gain strength for the whole day due to the unique, clean sea air. By the way, if you walk in water up to your knees – this will be a great workout and muscle strengthening. On the shore, you can do exercises on your own or in a group under a coach's guidance. This start of the day guarantees you a great mood and well-being. On the territory of Bilgah Beach Hotel, there is a Talise fitness for those who want to work out with weights. The fitness room has various sports fields, starting from all kinds of sports equipment, ending with aerobics platforms, and stretching muscles after heavy training.

13 June 2021


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