Rest on the warm seashore is an unforgettable aftertaste, pleasant memories, better health, and a charge of energy. Summer is approaching, and the problems associated with choosing a holiday destination are growing. And especially if it is the summer months, the question arises — where to go and to which sea. We will try to simplify this task for you in solving the problem of vacation planning. You are waiting for exciting and useful tips that will help you during your vacation. The first thing is to choose a country for a beach holiday. The right choice is a vacation where you can combine lying on a well-maintained beach, shopping, and visiting amazing sights with unique local exotics. For residents of the former CIS, the Middle East, for sun-seekers and the beautiful emerald beach, a vacation in Baku is an excellent solution.

The highlight of the local holiday is a spicy oriental flavor combined with quite European quality service. It is also worth having a rest in Baku because the city is becoming more beautiful and charming every year, attracting many tourists from all over the world. The southern flavor of the town itself surprisingly combines with the modernist style. National cuisine that meets the needs of even the best gourmets does not leave anyone apathetic. And the warm sun and cozy beaches will appeal to those who like to relax in a sun lounger. All this diversity and beauty concentrate in Bilgah Beach Hotel.

13 June 2021


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